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KTS 650 - the multimedia-capable test system 

High practical functionality for efficient diagnosis

  • Greater mobility in the workshop and on the vehicle.
  • Masters all current diagnosis protocols.
  • ISO system of European vehicles.
  • SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles.
  • CAN protocols for testing state-of-the-art CAN bus systems in new vehicles.
  • System automatically detects the control unit, reads out actual values, fault memory and control-unit specific data.

Full range of equipment for complicated measurements

  • Built in 2-channel oscilloscope.
  • Built in 2-channel multimeter for performing voltage, resistance and current measurements.
  • Robust screen with large touch screen colour display for excellent readability, outstanding brightness and a large angle of view.

Network and multimedia capable

  • The KTS 650 can be integrated into computer networks, it is designed for the ASA workshop network (AWN) and for LAN networks and can be connected to WLAN cards.
  • Ideally prepared for future developments the KTS 650 also comes with a speaker and a headset connection.

Workshop compatible equipment for everyday usage

  • Effective impact and dripping water protection.
  • Excellent mobility on account of practical handle and power supply capability using vehicle battery or rechargeable battery.

Technical Data

Coming soon: KTS 670

The new flagship product from the extremely successful KTS series: KTS 670 control unit diagnostic tester

The KTS 670 from Bosch features numerous innovations
Future-proof complete control unit diagnostics

  • New Bosch KTS 670 portable, multimedia-capable control unit diagnostic tester with full functionality and modified design
  • Innovative "Easy Connect" adapter concept for simple handling owing to automatic detection of manufacturer-specific diagnostic connections

The increasing number of electronics used in vehicles represents a major challenge for auto workshops — even simple maintenance work such as brake lining and oil changes now rely on control unit diagnostics. In addition, most car manufacturers include full fault memory readout in their maintenance schedules. The KTS series from Bosch provides complete control unit diagnostics solutions that are suitable for workshop use. The new KTS 670 diagnostic unit from Bosch uses future-proof technology and a whole host of technical innovations to make professional diagnostic work even faster and simpler as well as boosting efficiency. The new KTS 670 flagship product is the successor to the tried-and-tested KTS 650 model. Since the KTS control unit diagnostic tester series was launched in 1988, Bosch has sold over 90,000 of these devices.

Convenient new features for complex measurement
The KTS 670 portable diagnostic device features a whole host of technical innovations. For instance, it now includes the high-performance dual-channel oscilloscope/dual-channel multimeter that is also integrated in the KTS 570. The benefit of this approach is that the mechanic can evaluate both oxygen sensors in one screen if necessary. In addition, the dual-channel multiplexer, also a new addition, enables control of a diagnostic oscilloscope, facilitating analysis of the signals on the communication lines to the control unit. The dual-channel multiplexer supports all combinations of the diagnostic interfaces, such as K/L Line, SAE and CAN variants. The system automatically detects the control unit and reads out actual data, the fault memory and control unit-specific data.

Innovative adapter concept for simple, time-saving operation
Bosch is introducing the new, simplified "East Connect" adaptor system to ensure that manufacturer-specific diagnostic connections are detected automatically and reliably in the workshop. This new adapter is detected automatically by the control unit diagnostic software. The pins for communicating with the control unit are switched according to the adapter being used, thus avoiding faulty connections. The adapter concept is now the same as that used in the KTS modules and the KTS 200. The new KTS 670 can thus be connected directly with no additional hardware. A further new feature of the KTS 670 is the integration of the ISO-CAN exchange adapter as an "Integrated Box". This switches the communication line to the relevant pin of the OBD diagnostic connector, making for faster usage and preventing diagnostics errors.

Network and multimedia-capable, and quick thanks to Esitronic workshop software with extensive accessories
The new KTS 670 can be networked with other workshop testers via LAN/WLAN. The display and ease of operation of the Esitronic trainer facilitate multimedia working with the KTS 670. The synchronized hardware and software reduce access times. The Esitronic diagnostic and information platform with extensive accessories accelerates troubleshooting. All diagnostics and troubleshooting resources — from fault rectification through to spare part numbers — are now combined in a single device.

Sturdy equipment with large touchscreen and suitable for workshop use
The large, user-friendly touch screen of the new KTS 670 provides a high resolution and a large angle of vision, producing a clear display even when lighting conditions are unfavorable. The sturdy device is impact and rain-resistant. It features a practical carrying handle and is powered either by separate batteries or the vehicle battery. This makes it suitable for portable use, e.g. on a test drive. The product comes complete with an external DVD drive.

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