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Bosch has just introduced a new range of chassis and suspension measurement testers:

  • The FWA 510 - a fully installed cabled tester.
  • The FWA 515 - battery powered for cordless operation.

Both units run on a powerful computer, which is pre-loaded with a database containing measurements for over 20,000 vehicles. New values can be entered and saved.

There is a set of measuring heads, quick-clamp devices, spoiler adapters and steering wheel and brake pedal locks. The measuring heads use precision 8-sensor CCD technology, which is insensitive to sunlight. They are also equipped with an electronic spirit level with an LED display that is easy to read regardless of orientation, making life convenient when working on a raised vehicle.

All standard functions can be operated with the mechanical turnplates supplied, which give measurements ranging from +/-24. There is a set of additional accessories which includes a toe loading device and electronic turnplates for measuring maximum steering lock.

For vehicle marque specialists, there are special clamping adapters for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Smart, and additional software is available giving extra testing conditions covering Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche.

The flexibility of the quick clamping devices for the measurement heads means chassis and suspension checks can be done without roll-out compensation. As well as conventional installation on the rim flange, or rim edge in the case of light-alloy rims, the holders are designed to support 3, 4 and 5-hole hub adapter pins. Rims from 9” to 21” are accommodated with the standard equipment and adapters are available for wheel sizes up to 25”.

Diagnostics for Repair Shops
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