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Automotive electrics / Automotive electronics 

Alternators and Starter Motors
Soft cover, 104 Pages
Part no: 1987722128

Automotive Lighting Technology, Windshield and Rear-Window Cleaning
Soft cover, 72 Pages
Part no: 1987722176

Automotive Sensors
Soft cover, 147 Pages
Part no: 1987722131

Microelectronics in the Vehicle
Soft cover, 91 Pages
Part no: 1987722122

Motor-Vehicle Batteries and Electrical Systems
Soft cover, 106 Pages
Part no: 1987722143

Automotive Electric and Electronics
Hard cover, 503 Pages
Part no: 1987723601

Automotive Handbook
6th Ed
Hard cover, 962 Pages
Part no: 1987723101

Automotive Handbook
CD-ROM Single user licence (English)
Part no: 1987723110

Automotive Handbook
CD-ROM Single user licence (English, French, German)
Part no: 1987723111

Diagnostics for Repair Shops
Automotive Electrics / Electronics
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