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2018-04-25 | Electrified mobility | Working at Bosch | Internet of Things | Business/economy | Powertrain systems | Automated mobility | Industry 4.0 | Smart Home | Sustainability | Connected mobility | Commercial vehicles | Research

Growth, earnings, environmental protection: in its quest to make mobility as emissions-free as possible Bosch has achieved a breakthrough


2018-04-25 | Sustainability

Breakthrough: new Bosch diesel technology provides solution to NOx problem

*Unprecedented emissions: NOx 10 times lower than limits set for 2020 *New Bosch technology retains advantage with regard to fuel consumption and environmental impact *Denner: “There’s a future for diesel. Soon, emissions will no longer be an issue.” *Internal combustion engines equipped with artificial intelligence have almost zero impact on air quality *Appeal to politicians: fuel consumption should be measured on the road and emissions analyzed from well to wheel more

2018-04-24 | Corporate News

More flow, more options:

*The perfect combination for eMountain bikers *Optimised walk assistance for more powerful support uphill and on rough terrain *New software for short cranks offers more ground clearance on trails more

2018-04-23 | Industry 4.0 | Internet of Things

Bosch makes factories smart, lean, and flexible

*New plant: Bosch to invest 100 million euros in a smart factory in Mexico *New strategy: Bosch Rexroth increases sales to 5.5 billion euros *New name: Bosch pools software and services for manufacturing and logistics under the name Nexeed more

2018-04-23 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

The smart factory


2018-04-20 | Corporate News

Riding skills training in Münsingen

*Riding skills training with eMTB pro Stefan Schlie *eMountain biking is booming – even in Münsingen Mobility Centre *Three reasons in favour of the eMountain bike more

2018-04-19 | Automated mobility

The new Bosch highway assist system installed on the Maserati 2018 range

*Bosch highway assist is a partially automated driving function *Bosch technology combines ACC Stop & Go and Lane Centering *Maserati Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte MY2018 are equipped with Bosch highway assist system more

2018-04-17 | Corporate News

New Bosch GKF 720 capsule filling machine ensures the highest safety

*Best practice high containment solution meets OEB5 requirements *Height-adjustable pellet station and new, highly automated weight control processes *Interchangeable modules ensure maximum flexibility more

2018-04-17 | Business/economy | Industry 4.0 | Automated mobility | Connected mobility | Internet of Things

Manufacturing hub Mexico: Bosch plans smart plant for electronic components

*Investment of 100 million euros (120 million U.S. dollars) in new plant in central Mexico *Highly modern Industry 4.0 plant to manufacture key components for connected mobility *More than 1,200 new jobs over the next few years *Strengthening local presence in North America *HANNOVER MESSE 2018: Bosch showcases factory of the future today more

2018-04-13 | Corporate News

Bosch expands aftermarket range by additional alternator line

*High efficiency of up to 80 percent *Extremely low noise level *Complementation of the range for medium-priced and premium vehicles more

2018-04-13 | Sustainability

When wind and solar power take a break

*Partnership between Bosch and EnBW brings flexibility to power supply *Minister President Winfried Kretschmann starts up the battery storage system on the power plant site in Heilbronn *768 lithium-ion battery modules maintain power grid frequency stability more

2018-04-11 | Automated mobility

Bosch and e.GO bring stress-free parking to Aachen

*Bosch and e.GO have agreed to collaborate on automated valet parking. *Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: “Manual parking is a thing of the past.” *Twelve e.GO Life cars are being readied for the automated valet parking service. more

2018-04-10 | Corporate News

New Bosch processing system for the flexible production of injection solutions

*SVP250 LF processing system minimizes product loss thanks to conical vessel shape *Seamless connection with ALF 5000 filling and closing machine for vials and ampoules ensures rapid processing *Connection between preparation system and filling machine enables optimal production planning more

2018-04-05 | Research

Finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley: Bosch expands its Research and Technology Center

*New location in Sunnyvale: home to roughly 200 associates *Forty percent more space: attractive working environment covering 10,000 square meters, with a focus on creativity and dialogue *Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America: “Going forward, the new location will help Bosch keep its finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley.” more

2018-03-29 | Corporate News

Bosch eBike Systems on World Health Day

*38 percent of prospective eBike buyers would use the pedelec to promote fitness and health *Using the eBike to incorporate exercise into everyday life *Regular cycling promotes weight-loss as well as reducing stress and sick leave more