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2017-07-06 | Corporate News

Bosch eBike Systems off to a flying start in Japan

*Market leader with presence on established pedelec market *Active Line Plus – a suitable drive system *Comprehensive service offering at local level more

2017-07-04 | Electrified mobility | Automated mobility | Connected mobility

Bosch is putting artificial intelligence into cars


2017-07-04 | Corporate News

Bosch enhances eShift, Nyon and DualBattery On to the next eBike level – with improved details

*eShift in three new variants with Shimano and Rohloff *Nyon update: even more user-responsive *DualBattery with increased compatibility more

2017-07-04 | Automated mobility | Connected mobility | Electrified mobility

Mobility for metropolises: Bosch’s future lies in the smart city

*Technological solutions for better quality of life in cities *Bosch vision for urban mobility: zero emissions, zero stress, zero accidents *Already 14 beacon smart-city projects worldwide *Bosch Mobility Solutions growing three times faster than the market in 2017 more

2017-07-04 | Corporate News

New Bosch boiler system for herbal medicines from Bionorica


2017-07-04 | Electrified mobility | Automated mobility | Connected mobility

Urban mobility worldwide

*By 2050, at least 70 percent of the global population will be living in cities *The rural population will shrink to 2.8 billion people by 2050 *By 2030, the world will have 41 megacitie more

2017-07-04 | Electrified mobility | Automated mobility | Connected mobility

Stress-free urban mobility: from vision to reality


2017-07-04 | Electrified mobility | Automated mobility | Connected mobility

Bosch solutions for urban mobility

*From sharing to parking: solutions for stress-free mobility *From ABS to robocab: solutions for accident-free mobility *From synfuels to e-scooters: solutions for emissions-free mobility more

2017-06-29 | Corporate News

The battery in the frame

*eBike battery can be integrated into frame *Optimal design for integration into different types of frames *Easy to handle; user-friendly design more

2017-06-28 | Corporate News

No tedious searching for matching wiper blades thanks to the new Bosch smartphone app

*Bosch wiper-blade app with new and improved features *App is now available in more than 15 languages *Wiper-blade product finder is increasingly popular among workshops as well more

2017-06-27 | Corporate News

Augmented Reality applications allow new working methods for modern and connected workshops

*Speeds up repair processes and increases the quality of work *Provides assistance by displaying additional information *Development platform eases the creation of AR applications more

2017-06-27 | Corporate News

More enjoyment for eBikers in town and country

*New technical developments: light, quiet, compact *Cycling has a natural feel – thanks to the new gear concept *Improved integration into the bicycle frame more

2017-06-23 | Corporate News

Strengthening the position in the European HVAC market

*MTA produces commercial and industrial cooling systems with a focus on chiller and heat pump technology *Some 400 people work at the head office and the three production facilities in north-eastern Italy as well as the six sales subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Australia *Sales partnerships in the UK, Russia and more than another 70 countries more

2017-06-22 | Corporate News

Bosch launches ABS for pedelec users

*Improved safety thanks to Bosch eBike ABS *More efficient braking resulting in more stable eBiking *Introductory phase with selected fleet partners starting Autumn 2017 more

2017-06-20 | Internet of Things | Smart Home

A smart city in China: Bosch to make Tianjin intelligent