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2017-01-04 | Internet of Things

CES® 2017: The Internet of Things is getting personal – Bosch focuses on intelligent assistants

*Struth, member of the Bosch board of management: "With personalization, Bosch is driving the next trend in connectivity forward” *Products are becoming intelligent companions in all spheres of life: smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility and Industry 4.0 *New concept car: the car is becoming an assistant *World premiere: Bosch start-up presents a home robot *New IoT platform: Stories, videos and animations about the connected Bosch world at more

2017-01-04 | Corporate News

Bosch launches smallest high performance barometric pressure sensor at CES 2017

*Flexible and ideally suited for a wide range of altitude tracking applications *Improved accuracy and smaller footprint than its previous generation *Reduced power consumption and attractive price-performance ratio *Market leader in barometric pressure sensors: more than 1 billion shipped more

2017-01-04 | Internet of Things | Business/economy

I(o)T is getting personal – Turning things into partners


2017-01-04 | Working at Bosch

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions showcases sensor solutions for connected mobility, Industry 4.0 and logistics

*Retrofit eCall with Concierge Services assists drivers *Transport Data Logger (TDL) ensures supply chain transparency *XDK accelerates development for Internet of Things (IoT) products more

2017-01-03 | Internet of Things

2017: Bosch is showing what can and will be done with the Internet of Things

*Product platform: Bosch shows product highlights from all spheres of the Internet of Things *Platform for visionaries: in the future, experts will be able to share their views in the connected world *Content marketing: From a story to an IoT product in just a few clicks *Link to the website: more

2016-12-30 | Business/economy

Changes on the supervisory board of Robert Bosch GmbH


2016-12-28 | Corporate News

Bosch Power Tools achieves production record

*Global production network *Power tools for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts *Growing significance of cordless tools more

2016-12-20 | Business/economy

Bosch reaches agreement in principle for diesel vehicles in the US


2016-12-15 | Powertrain systems

Water instead of gasoline: Bosch innovation re-duces fuel consumption by up to 13 percent

*Bosch is the first and only supplier to offer water injection *Extra bonus: water saves fuel and can increase engine power *Online special with videos and animated films: more

2016-12-15 | Business/economy

Cyber Valley: Bosch establishes an endowed chair for machine learning

*Denner: “Artificial intelligence is a key competence in shaping the connected world.” *Bosch supports endowed chair and Cyber Valley with a total of some seven million euros *Partners from the worlds of government, business, and science pool their strengths for artificial intelligence in Baden-Württemberg more

2016-12-14 | Business/economy

CES® 2017: Bosch is showing these smart solutions in Las Vegas

*Bosch booth at CES: Central Hall, #14128 *Smart home: making life at home easier and safer *Smart city: improving quality of life in cities *Connected mobility: new concept car as a personal assistant *Industry 4.0: connecting people, machines, and objects in real time *Sensor technology: tiny sensors are enabling connectivity * CES Innovation Awards: four awards for three Bosch solutions *New IoT platform: stories, videos, and animations about the Bosch connected world at more

2016-12-09 | Corporate News

Bosch FlexiClick – now as a 12 volt version

*Shortest 12 volt cordless drill/driver in the market with four adapters *Maximum flexibility and precision in hard-to-reach areas *Comfortable handling: Adapters can simply remain on the tool while adjusting more

2016-12-09 | Smart Home

CES 2017: Bosch will be presenting what a smart home can do today

*The Scenario Manager for the Bosch Smart Home app makes everyday routines easier – simply activation with the touch of a finger *Survey conducted by Bosch and Twitter in six different countries on the preferences for smart homes *Energy savings, automatic processes and security are the most convincing arguments worldwide *The British and the Americans want to control their home “on the road” *Privacy of great importance for a third of the respondents *New IoT platform: Bosch stories, videos, and animations about the connected world at more

2016-12-07 | Internet of Things

CES® 2017 Innovation Awards: Bosch honored with four distinctions for three smart solutions

*Bosch presents innovative solutions in the realms of smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, Industry 4.0, and sensor technology at CES 2017 *Smart water heater honored in the Home Appliances category *Rider information system takes prize in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category and is honored in the Vehicle Intelligence category *Connected safety solution for small motorcycles and scooters is honored in the Vehicle Intelligence category *New IoT platform: Bosch stories, videos, and animations about the connected world at more

2016-12-06 | Industry 4.0

Bosch is working with international research partners to develop a new modular manufacturing system

*Versatile and connected facilities allow for more customized manufacturing *Assemble and go: with “plug and produce” modules, making changes to production lines will become easier *Goal is to cut time needed to start manufacturing and increase profitability more