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2018-02-28 | Electrified mobility

The go-to partner for electric driving: Bosch’s electromobility strategy


2018-02-28 | Electrified mobility

Bosch’s electromobility strategy at a glance


2018-02-28 | Electrified mobility

Battery cells: Bosch opts for outsourcing over in-house manufacturing

*Aim is to lead electromobility mass market from 2020 *Bosch strategy: systems expertise, energy efficiency, and standardization *In-house cell manufacturing is not decisive for success in electromobility *Center of competence secures cell expertise *Bosch supplies electrical powertrains in all vehicle segments, from bicycles to trucks *Find out more about electromobility at Bosch in the webspecial more

2018-02-23 | Working at Bosch

Factsheet: Bosch in Mexico


2018-02-22 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

Partnership agreed between Bosch and Munich Re

*First IoT collaboration between technology company and reinsurer *Connectivity, financing, and risk management from a single source *Plans for joint development of products together with manufacturing customers more

2018-02-21 | Internet of Things | Connected mobility | Electrified mobility | Business/economy

A revolution in the everyday: How Bosch is seizing the opportunities of connectivity


2018-02-21 | Business/economy

Bosch reaches agreement with EU Commission on joint settlement of antitrust proceedings

*EU Commission imposes penalties for unfair practices relating to individual spark-plug and brake products *Unfair practices penalized by the EU Commission took place between 2000 and 2011 *Bosch cooperated with the EU Commission and helped shed light on the matter more

2018-02-21 | Internet of Things | Connected mobility | Business/economy | Electrified mobility

Eliminating range anxiety: New services are making electromobility fit for everyday use


2018-02-21 | Internet of Things | Business/economy | Electrified mobility | Connected mobility

From vision to business: Connected driving is becoming a growth area


2018-02-21 | Internet of Things | Electrified mobility | Business/economy | Connected mobility

Bosch establishes division for connected mobility services

*Bosch CEO Denner: “Connectivity is fundamentally changing how we get from A to B.” *New ridesharing business: Bosch acquires U.S. start-up SPLT *New city: Madrid welcomes e-scooter sharing *World-first: system!e – new services make electromobility suitable for everyday use more

2018-02-21 | Electrified mobility | Business/economy | Internet of Things | Connected mobility

Bosch is showcasing the following highlights at Bosch ConnectedWorld in Berlin


2018-02-21 | Internet of Things | Connected mobility | Electrified mobility | Business/economy

Bosch acquires U.S. carpooling start-up SPLT

*Using an app to share a ride to work: carpooling for commuters *Future mobility services market: double-digit growth is the target *Board of management member Dr. Markus Heyn: “Smartphones are becoming the most important means of travel” more

2018-02-19 | Corporate News

New Robinair air conditioning service unit for R1234yf refrigerant

*Well-proven Robinair technology now also for R1234yf refrigerant *Safe and efficient maintenance of all car air conditioning systems *Optionally available: printer for detailed reports more

2018-02-16 | Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

Bosch extends its Industry 4.0 portfolio

*Dr. Stefan Hartung: “We need to assemble the best possible team” *Bosch supports customers in connecting the entire value chain *Bosch is actively shaping change in the industry, and taking advantage of all available opportunities *500 associates in Germany, Hungary, and China more

2018-02-16 | Corporate News

Comprehensive extension of the Bosch FILTER+ range of high-performance cabin filters

*High market coverage of cabin filters for almost any vehicle *New FILTER+ effectively protects allergy sufferers *Fitting instructions included for easy fitting more