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2013-06-06 | Business/economy | HR and CSR issues

500 Bosch executives test flexible working models

*Less physical presence at work, more focus on results *Project aims to establish flexible work culture that takes family obligations into account *Director of industrial relations Kübel: “Flexible working models encourage creativity” more

2013-06-05 | Business/economy

Bosch wins DeutscherIdeenPreis for the Best Green Innovation

*Energy efficiency protects the environment and boosts competitive strength *Second consecutive award for the Bosch location in Homburg, Germany *Bosch Group to cut CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020 more

2013-06-05 | Business/economy

Bosch supervisory board chairman Fehrenbach: more competition means more progress

*Challenges of the future call for technological responses *Drop in living standards is people’s greatest concern, survey says *Creative new solutions for the European economy more

2013-06-04 | Automotive technology | Bosch Sensortec, Akustica | Business/economy

Three billion Bosch MEMS sensors

*Bosch remains at the forefront of MEMS sensor technology and is today’s leading global supplier *Many of the latest automotive and consumer electronics functions would be impossible without MEMS sensors *Half the world’s smartphones use Bosch sensors more

2013-05-31 | Bosch eBike Systems

Statement from Bosch eBike Systems on the Stiftung Warentest article about e-bike risks and electromagnetic emissions


2013-05-29 | Bosch eBike Systems

Statement from Bosch eBike Systems regarding Stiftung Warentest's article on e-bike risks


2013-05-29 | Security Systems

New IP camera FLEXIDOME HD VR in vandal-resistant design completes Bosch's Security Breakthrough product range

*One compact dome housing for various HD imaging modules *Easy installation through remote focus and zoom functionality *Hybrid camera for simultaneous IP and analog signals more

2013-05-27 | Automotive technology

Electromobility could gradually become a mass market from 2020

*Electric driving requires networked technology and services *Focus on batteries: minimum 300 kilometer range in 2020 *Electromobility requires commitment to education more

2013-05-27 | Solar Energy

Black half-cell module and new frame concept from Bosch Solar Energy

*New generation of cells with half-cell design and innovative module materials improve output *High mechanical stability and new frame with multiple installation options for pressure loads of up to 7200 Pa more

2013-05-24 | Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch gives Tübingen's mayor an extra boost

*Bosch drive system provides fast and environmentally friendly mobility more

2013-05-23 | Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts

HC-Cargo with Online Shop and Electronic Parts Catalog

*New online shop with integrated spare parts catalog at *Product data sheets and technical drawings available *Range extended to include spare parts for air conditioning systems more

2013-05-23 | Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations creates e-mobility solution with universal standards

*eMobility Starter Package facilitates eRoaming *Software now also supports leading open interface protocols OICP and OCPP more

2013-05-17 | Automotive technology

Bosch CEO Denner receives award from the International Telecommunication Union

*UN specialized agency honors Bosch innovations for improving road safety *In Europe, the number of road deaths has halved over the last 15 years *Need for harmonized allocation of radio frequencies around the globe more

2013-05-17 | Business/economy

Bosch CEO Denner urges vigilance of new trends

*China sees significant increase in patent applications *Innovation and creativity are prerequisite for prosperity in Germany and Europe *Linking the real and virtual worlds enables new business models and products more

2013-05-17 | Bosch eBike Systems

Students and Bosch employees successfully complete European tour

*Cyclists, eBikes, and Bosch drive systems performed splendidly *Meeting with EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger more

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