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2013-06-25 | Security Systems

Bosch releases new specifier software

*Easy tendering without in-depth knowledge of manufacturer-specific solutions *Software output creates basis for tender and detailed system planning *No training required more

2013-06-21 | Automotive technology | Business/economy

Bosch opens new proving ground in China

*Test track for safety and driver assistance systems *Investment of roughly 73 million euros by 2017 more

2013-06-20 | Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts

Change at the Top of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division

*Robert Hanser has led the division for seven years *Successful change in strategy from trading company to systems provider for the global workshop market *Dr. Uwe Thomas has held senior positions at Bosch since 1989 more

2013-06-20 | Thermotechnology

Bosch steam boiler at bottling plant with predictive monitoring feature


2013-06-20 | Automotive technology | Bosch Software Innovations

Technology for the mobility of the future

*The future of mobility is electric *New infrastructure solutions make electromobility feasible *Bosch offers integrated vehicle systems for electromobility more

2013-06-19 | Bosch Power Tec | Business/economy

Bosch batteries store wind and solar power

*Essential part of the move to alternative forms of energy – 200,000 hours of experience *Reliable solutions for modern grid infrastructure *Dependable electricity supply when it is needed more

2013-06-19 | Bosch Energy and Building Solutions | Research

How electricity storage can smooth the path toward alternative forms of energy

*Intermittent power supplies from renewable sources can be better integrated into the grid *Huge commercial potential *Support for storage systems, adjustment of the regulatory framework more

2013-06-19 | Automotive technology | Business/economy | Research

Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation working on next generation lithium-ion batteries

*Lithium-ion batteries are basis for mobility of the future *Start of strategic collaboration at beginning of 2014 more

2013-06-19 | Solar Energy

Bosch presents powerful new modules with new frame concept and innovative safety solution

*Premium modules with half-cell design and increased output up to 290 Wp *New frame concept with self-cleaning effect and greater mechanical stability for pressure loads of up to 7200 Pa *Intelligent switch-off concept: Enhanced safety for installers and emergency workers during transport and in hazardous situations more

2013-06-18 | Business/economy | HR and CSR issues | Sustainability

Bosch sharpens its focus on logistics


2013-06-18 | Bosch eBike Systems

More services and information on the Internet

*Optimised navigation structure *Detailed information clearly presented more

2013-06-17 | Automotive technology

Le Mans teams rely on Bosch technology

*Bosch technology on board the Audi R18 e-tron quattro, Ferrari 458 Italia, GT2 Corvette C6.R, Porsche 911 RSR and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR as well as SRT Viper GTS-R *Radar-based collision warning system being used by Corvette Racing *Every Le Mans winner since 2000 has used Bosch injection technology more

2013-06-17 | Automotive technology

Bosch supplies Audi Sport with diesel hybrid technology

*Bosch provides injection system and motor-generator unit *Audi R18 e-tron quattro diesel hybrid features Bosch technology *Bosch diesel injection systems have earned success at Le Mans since 2006 more

2013-06-17 | Bosch Power Tec

Bosch presents communication system for solar inverters

*Simplified planning, initial operation and monitoring *Data transfer and configuration in seconds via RFID interface *Integrated programme for the configuration and analysis of performance data more

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